Heatmaps.tf — Privacy Policy


Heatmaps.tf collects anonymised gameplay data to help level designers improve their levels by offering unique visualisations of how people play. All the data collected is anonymised on the server, so we're never sent any of your personal data and are unable to track any individual piece of data back to you.

Data we collect

We collect the following forms of data from our partner servers:

Kill/Death data
We collect all the kills and deaths that occur on the server and store various details such as the time, type of death and any weapons used.
Trajectory data
Every few seconds, your position in the game world is sent back to our server and stored.
Generic Event Data
Whenever a game event occurs, such as an objective being completed, we are sent a copy of that event.

How is the data used?

All of our data is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. API Consumers are welcome to use the data in any way they see fit. Heatmaps.tf uses it to produce spatial visualisations to assist level designers.